As project manager for the PSP (Personalisation and Social Platform) team, I have successfully delivered a number of high performance and scalable applications that are used across the BBC website including iPlayer and BBC News. ┬áThis includes Recommendations on iPLayer, Sharetools on the entire BBC wesbite and social features for BBC food and Radio 1.

Created a road map for the PSP product along with developing and refining a requirements process so all stakeholders from the 10 BBC website products can feed in and agree collaboratively on the roadmap:

  • Created a successful method of requirement development allowing stakeholders, UXD (design) and the technical team to view and refine requirements.
  • Successfully delivered products using the BBC Product Lifecycle process.
  • Facilitated requirements gathering between stakeholders balancing the differing needs of groups while delivering a compelling product that users engage with.
  • Used a wide range of prioritisation techniques including MoSCoW and Risk and Reward.

Defined the BBC Personalisation and Social vision and strategy:

  • Worked with the product manager, technical team, design team, stakeholders and senior management to help define the BBC Personalisation and Social vision and strategy for the BBC.
  • Collaborated and facilitated with stakeholders to create the BBC Social roadmap that shows all social work carried out by any team (editorial or technical) in the BBC.

Empowered and collaborated with a new team to deliver and create products used across the BBC:

  • Took over a de-motivated team and empowered them to become responsible for their products and delivery leading to the promotion of 3 members and a number of new products defined by the team.
  • Facilitated and coordinated issues, dependencies and tasks with the team, UXD (design) and the BBC Platform.

Produced an agreed product backlog with all 10 BBC products, this required complex stakeholder management:

  • Created a clear requirements governance for high performance products used by multiple stakeholders and used across multiple BBC websites. This has led to significant improvement in relations with a number of BBC products.
  • Through collaboration with Stakeholders created an SLA agreement so when an operation issue on live occurs with one of our products we can triage and action it appropriately.

Respected and active member of the BBC website community providing help and aid to other product and project managers:

  • Designed and created a number of processes using the BBC Jira issue system to maintain product backlogs that are now being used across the BBC project manager community.
  • Participated with other project managers of the BBC to create a standard set of processes and training material that new project managers to the BBC can use and adapt for their teams.

Experienced with delivering products across the BBC technical platform (Forge):

  • Worked across a number of BBC projects gaining a strong knowledge of the BBC Platform and its processes. For an agency project I had to direct and advise an agency on all aspects on the architecture and platform for the product.
  • Experienced with managing the operational issues around large, high-visibility, high volume applications for websites including BBC News, iPlayer and Olympics.

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