October 20th, 2009

Attending J Boye Conference – Aarhus 2009

First, just wanted to drop a post to apologise for not posting as much recently.  I came down with the Flu (with a captial F) and it has meant me catching up with a lot of work since I have recovered.

However, I am now back and healthy and will be writing more posts over the next months and also attending a conferance.

Recently I have been invited to speak at J.Boye’s Aarhus 2009 conferance on the standards track. This is a major knowledge sharing summit for online professionals split over 3 days with a wide variety of topics.

If anyone has looked at the source code for my website you will see that I believe in standards and actively use them on a day to day basis so to be asked to talk about them did not require much soul searching on my part.

After thinking about what I wanted to say, I decided that I wanted to present the business case for using standards and why they save you money. In my experience, most technical people already know of web standards but trying to get businesses and organisations to adopt them can be hard work. I hope by presenting a business case that non technical people can understand we can get more businesses and organisations using them.

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